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Welcome to China Management Consulting and Training. We provide quality workshops, training and coaching in the field of cross-cultural management for China. We provide services in Germany and China, and in so doing aim to deliver training and consulting that optimally meet customer needs and that maintain the highest possible professional standards. All of our services carry a 100 percent customer satisfaction, money-back guarantee.

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Chinese culture

Familiarity with Chinese culture is essential for successful business dealings in China. Our cross-cultural skill-building sessions equip you with tools and guidelines that enable you to function successfully in your everyday activities in China, as well as in your dealings with Chinese businessmen. This success is assured by our emphasis on teaching you the fundamentals of the Chinese world view, so that you are able to clearly understand what makes your Chinese partners tick and adapt your own behavior accordingly.


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Following are ten compelling reasons why, if you’re doing business with Chinese enterprises.  more

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